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Diversity in Nursing

The diversity in nursing education is more than the diversity in the population of England. In fact; nursing is the most diverse job in the UK comprising 40% of nurses coming from different ethnicities. So, is it a good thing? How can it be beneficial to the field? How does the cultural diversity fit in the picture? What are the benefits and the ways to promote cultural diversity in the field? All these and other relevant questions will be answered in the following post.

An Overview of Diversity In Nursing: Complete Guide for Students

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness” – Ola Joseph

If you have ever got an online nursing essay help in the relevant topic then you would already have a brief idea of the topic; if not then no worries as we will give you a comprehensive overview of the topic. Well! The definition of diversity in nursing is exactly what you are thinking; as it is all about having a workforce composed of individuals from various races, genders, ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

Among many challenges faced by nurses in the UK; one is that they are often rejected by the patient based on their ethnicity. This is why the inclusion of nurses from different races of life is essential. In a world of rapidly diminishing borders, it is necessary that nurses find out what’s really important to each patient in terms of their ethnicity and culture. Basically, cultural diversity goes beyond the familiarity with racial and ethnic values; it also includes aligning one’s moral compass with values.

The Importance Of Diversity In Nursing

Now that the definition of diversity in nursing is clear; it is time to look into the importance of diversity in the field. As the population of the UK is becoming increasingly diverse, it automatically enhances the demand for nurses coming from diverse backgrounds accordingly. The importance of the demand can be analysed from the following points:

Offering Cultural Competency

Diverse nursing workforces are directly connected to the nurses’ ability to offer culturally competent and quality healthcare services.

Broadening The Understanding

A nursing staff coming from diverse backgrounds can help other nurses learn and build a great understanding of other ethnicities and their perspectives. This sort of understanding strengthens the quality of healthcare that nurses offer.

Reducing Healthcare Differences

Improving diversity among nurses can help reduce health disparities in underserved communities and ensure better access to care for everyone.

Improving Communication

A diverse nursing culture can enhance communication and trust with minority groups.

Enhancing Accuracy In Results

It is because of diversity in nursing education and its profession that a meaningful patient-provider relationship is built that improves diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic outcomes.

Overcoming Misunderstandings

Any sort of potential misunderstandings can be navigated during patient interactions through the inclusion of diverse nursing practices. In fact, cultural diversity and nursing must be taken along in order to produce more competent and quality-driven results in the healthcare sector.

The Role Of Cultural Diversity In Nursing

Nurses are at the forefront of patient care. They encounter individuals from various cultural backgrounds on a daily basis. So; embracing cultural diversity is not just some Gen-Z requirement or being politically correct rather it is about provision of effective and inclusive care to all patients. In fact, cultural diversity and nursing are strongly intermingled to provide empathetic care.

What are the elements that can be categorised as part of cultural diversity? Is it only the ethnicity or race of the patient or there is more to it? The following are all the elements that can be categorised as components of cultural diversity;

  • There is the element of cultural competence that involves being aware of one’s own cultural biases and understanding different cultural norms plus practices.
  • Language is yet another important aspect of cultural diversity that is an essential element of cultural diversity in nursing field.
  • Cultural beliefs are also an important component of nursing diversity that surrounds health and illness significantly while influencing patient behaviour, treatment preferences, and healthcare outcomes.
  • Religion also plays a significant role in how individuals cope with illness and make healthcare decisions accordingly.
  • Many cultures also prioritise family dynamics in healthcare decision-making and caregiving.
  • Ethical and legal issues in nursing practice are also taught as a part of cultural diversity in nursing discipline.

Different Aspects Of Cultural Diversity In Nursing

Culture greatly affects health beliefs and practices. Factors like language, location, income, gender, and education strongly influence how patients make medical decisions for themselves and their families. The American Nurses Association highlights key areas of cultural diversity including:

  • Access to health insurance and care.
  • Racial and ethnic minority groups.
  • Mental health.
  • Elderly care.
  • Obesity and bariatric care.

The Berries Of Cultural In Diversity

“Once you understand and appreciate other people’s cultural backgrounds then you can also connect with them more.”

This sort of connection is very important in the world of nursing where patients and their family need to feel included before getting treated. The berries of cultural diversity represent the richness and variety in the field of nursing while pointing out the benefits of this particular aspect.

Cultural diversity in nursing education and in the field is equally important with some of its positive points being:

Personalised Care Plan Creation

By understanding the patients’ cultural backgrounds; nurses can tailor their care plans in a more personalised manner while preferring their individual needs. This personalised care can be in the form of creating a dietary plan while keeping in view the religious practices of the person.

Acknowledgement Of Cultural Biases

Another berry point of mingling cultural diversity and nursing is that nurses can ensure equitable treatment for all patients by acknowledging their cultural biases.

Formation Of An Inclusive Environment

A diverse nursing workforce fosters a more inclusive and respectful workplace while promoting teamwork and collaboration.

5 Ways To Promote Cultural Diversity

You thought that the days of racism had ended? No! My friend still has a long way to go for that! However; there is a fear among people of getting exposed while showcasing their racist side, which is why it has been reduced to some extent. Structural inequality and diversity in nursing are indirectly proportional as the increase in diversity will lead to a decrease in structural inequality.

  Diversity In Nursing
        Structural Inequality
Now the main question that arises is; how to promote diversity in nursing so that all these inequalities can end right away. Well! It cannot be ended with one strike but little steps can make huge marks eventually. Some of them including:

Promotion of Diversity Awareness

As per the American Nurses Association; diversity awareness in nursing is a must through which the relationship between structural inequality and diversity in nursing can be navigated. This diversity awareness can be promoted by:
  • Acknowledging and appreciating differences.
  • Reflecting a commitment to society.
  • Adherence to a strong code of ethics.
  • Self-awareness.

Recruitment of Diverse Staff

Implementing targeted recruitment strategies to attract candidates from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds can help in promotion of the diversity in nursing. Partnering with diverse schools, community organisations, and minority nursing associations can also play its part.

The development of mentorship programs and professional opportunities that support the career advancement of minority nurses will also promote diversity.

Cultural Competence Training

Offering ongoing cultural competence training programs for all nursing staff can enhance understanding plus sensitivity to diverse cultural needs. The integration of cultural competence into the nursing education curriculum will also ensure that nursing students learn about the importance of cultural diversity from the beginning of their careers.

Inclusive Policies and Practices

The establishment and enforcement of policies that prevent discrimination and promote inclusivity within the workplace can be of help. Moreover; the committees and leadership positions must reflect the cultural diversity of the community served.

Community Engagement

Developing community outreach programs for engagement with diverse populations and understanding their specific healthcare needs also promotes cultural diversity in nursing. The organisation of cultural events and celebrations fosters understanding and respect among staff.


With the increase in the diverse population of the UK or even across the world; the diversity in nursing has become a need of the time. It is because of this diversity that patients from different ethnicities can get better care plans and competent quality healthcare policies. Cultural diversity in nursing has multiple benefits; which is why such practices must be adapted to ensure the promotion of cultural diversity in the field of nursing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The execution of research papers in diversity awareness won’t only promote diversity in nursing but also help students in figuring out the percentage of nurses coming from different cultural backgrounds.
Yes! Although some educational institutes have already incorporated the curriculum of diversity in nursing education; still, a lot more nursing schools still need to implement this policy.
The lack of diversity in nursing staff will give rise to healthcare disparities and structural inequality in the system. It can also result in miscommunication between patients of different ethnicities and the nursing staff.

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