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how to write nursing essay

Nursing has a long history of helping the injured by showing compassion, encouragement, and support. When focused on a holistic approach, professional nursing duties require evidence-based defensive, recuperative, and promotive techniques.

The nursing essay demonstrates one’s unique personality and offers a comprehensive view of professional aspirations, which is why the essay must possess a strong nursing essay structure, respectively.

However, the importance of nursing essay structure, is that it is essential to have your application reviewed and accepted.

However, in this blog, we will discuss also the importance of nursing essay structure and important aspects of composing a strong nursing essay.

Understanding What Nursing Essay is?

Nursing assignments intend to help nursing students and are considered to be part of their syllabus. These essays are written in multiple formats, including essays, case studies, research papers, etc.

Nursing assignments assist students in learning about professional morals and standards, using evidence-based methods. Moreover, they enhance students’ cognitive skills, and critical thinking skills and make their minds sharp.

Additionally, these essays include numerous subjects related to patient care, health, illness and its prevention, and other relevant themes. However, professionals also help with writing nursing papers for students, to make them understand the concepts proficiently. Moreover, knowledge of anatomy, pharmacology, psychology, and sociology, among other nursing disciplines are also integrated in these essays.

All things considered, nursing assignments are an integral component of nursing education as they provide students the chance to grow and showcase their knowledge and abilities in their education as well as in practical life.

So before delving into the structure and tips for nursing essays, we must know the components of a basic essay.

Components of a Basic Essay

The basic structure of all kinds of essays is almost similar, but we should know to what extent essay structure may vary with different topics. For example, business essays, nursing essays, or literature essays all will have almost similar outlines but there will be some additional points related to the topic.

However, the basic components of an essay are highlighted below:


The introduction must need to attract the reader’s attention or at least make the essay sound fascinating, for this, you may start it by adding a quotation.

Make sure the introduction transitions from a broad to a specific state of the subject.

Probably the most crucial part of the introduction is the thesis statement, which states the purpose of the paper and may shed light on the author’s examples and supporting data.


The body consists of the author’s thoughts as well as the paper’s proof and support. Each paragraph has to have a subject phrase that connects the discussion to the thesis. Make sure the essay flows well by including transitional sentences. Provide strong examples and proof to back up your claims.


In conclusion, all of your ideas and arguments should be covered in this part. Ensure that the reader is left with something to consider, especially if the essay is argumentative. Simplify the essential points and repeat them.

Structure of a Nursing Essay

The general structure that will help you how to write nursing essay, is as follows, but if you need to learn how to write nursing essay in 5 paragraph than follow these 5 paragraph nursing essay structure it will help you perfectly. 


You should explain the purpose of your article and highlight its significance for the nursing profession in the introduction. A hook is required for this purpose, and it might take the shape of queries, startling statistics, or quotations from well-known medical experts.  Writing a strong introduction is integral as  your reader will continue to read if he finds the introductory paragraph fascinating otherwise, he will move to another essay.

Considering, the nursing essay structure example uk, they also integrate patient complaints, family issues, and the completion of health programs, to support their nursing essay introduction.

Body Paragraph

Recall that breaking out your points into distinct sentences can help you keep your ideas focused and your words coherent while composing a nursing essay body. Organize your paragraph based on how strong each of the mentioned points is. Order the points of strength from least to most important. Add on examples like patient case histories and different scenarios, either take help from an online resource such as nursing essay structure example uk, this will strengthen your argument.

Your introduction serves as the outline for the body, which uses it to move from one idea to the next. Sentences presenting the point, providing evidence for it, and concluding on the topic should be found in the paragraphs. Moreover, try to maintain the same flow from start to end so that your audience won’t lose their interest. At the end go over your essay, so that you can identify your mistakes. Moreover, ask your friends to give a review over it, recommendations and criticism will make your writing even better.

Nursing Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, the importance of nursing essay structure lies. This is because the concluding part includes, summing up all of the points made in the essay. By providing a concluding viewpoint and perspective on the subject, it brings the issue to a close and summarizes all of the concepts. It should restate the thesis statement and go over the key elements. Make a definitive decision about every point you bring up. At the end go over your essay, so that you can identify your mistakes. Moreover, ask your friends to give a review over it, recommendations and criticism will make your writing even better.

Moreover, referring to adding citation to the discussion’s topic is also crucial.

Edit and Proofread

Finally, before turning in your essay, ensure sure you have read it through completely. Proofreading and nursing essay editing are crucial as you can identify your own mistakes before someone else can do them. Peer review are also integral, this will also help your essay writing skills to grow. Moreover if you ask your friends to give a review over it, recommendations and criticism will make your writing even better.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Nursing Essay Shine

Anyone can compose an essay with a basic structure, to make your essay shine you must integrate some tricks and tips that will make your essay appealing. You can also take help from academic sources to make your essay stand out from others.

 However, some of those tips and tricks are discussed below:

Proper Research

To find the content for your nursing essay look for books in your college library, by using keywords.

Look for popular medical databases like Cochrane Library, EMBASE, or PubMed. Or either use Google or other reliable resources for assistance, such as, are used by many students and not only assist students in composing proficient essays but also help them with the research part.

But the key point to remember is that before taking assistance from any professional site you need to know all about your topic from beginning to end. This will help you convey your queries to the professionals and get the correct answers.

 Lastly, arrange the concepts and appropriately cite the sources you used for references, this will support your Nursing essay research, respectively.

Create a plan

An essay should never be started without a well-defined framework. It is your responsibility to make a list of the main ideas you believe are crucial and then put them into concise sentences. It will support your logical paper writing. Creating a strong outline can be obtained if you do a proper literature review, respectively.

 You must keep in mind that no one will read your work if it starts boringly when creating your outline. Starting with a bland opening sentence is the most common nursing essay mistakes people often make. For this reason, you should start your essay with captivating ideas and save the most significant thoughts for the concluding paragraphs. Moreover, it’s critical to pay close attention to any instructions given and give priority to successfully communicating information within the allotted word count. As essay length totally depends on the instructor’s guidelines and the main Topic.

Follow guidelines

Every task you have to finish has a set of guidelines.  So you must read them carefully and adhere to every integral detail. Your essay grade totally depends upon your ability to follow the directions and guidelines provided by the author or instructor. Covering a lot of topics in a discussion paragraph requires a lot of time and energy so it’s important to give to the point discussion. This is an important part of guidelines given by author. However, if we take an example of nursing students, it is difficult for them to strike a balance between different components while still following the essay format and word count requirements. So the only option to compose a good essay requires to adhere to the guidelines.

For this purpose, make a list of the main ideas, place them in front of you, and use them as a guide when writing a nursing essay.  However, try to avoid using someone’s word without rephrasing it on your own or it will lead to nursing essay plagiarism which will affect the quality of your writing.

Display Your Passion

Since passion is contagious, showcasing your love for nursing in your essay will make it stand out. Moreover, nursing essay analysis showcases your passion so it is mandatory to show it in your writing.

Your Experiences and Skills

A nurse requires a wide range of skills because the field is so competitive. For this purpose, try to talk about any clinical experiences, internships, or voluntary work you’ve done, during your grad year. This not only makes your CV strong but also such experiences appeal audience more.

Moreover, consider how these encounters have impacted your professional development and developed your nursing philosophy. Give precise details and instances that demonstrate your abilities in use.

Lifelong Learning

Try to showcase your lifelong learning in your essay. Highlight any certificate you have been awarded. This will increase the interest of the audience in your writing. Moreover, they will also get motivated by your academic earnings.

Helping Audience

Make sure you thank the audience for their time by providing something fresh. While most nurses have read much, we recognize that they haven’t read everything. So look further for high-quality material. Give knowledge that is not only theoretical but also practical.

Integrating a Methodology

Think about employing a system that presents your content to readers straightforwardly and distinctively. The nursing course doesn’t cover anything new, but the way you deliver the material should pique the reader’s interest and encourage them to read on.

Show Diversity Awareness and Cultural competency

Cultural competency is crucial in the diversified healthcare environment of today. Demonstrate your respect for and knowledge of many cultures, together with your capacity to offer care that is sensitive to cultural differences.

Talk about any encounters you’ve had with a variety of patient demographics or the ways you’ve made an effort to increase your cultural sensitivity.


Concluding, a good essay reflects how enthusiastic and sincere a student is toward his field, his understanding, and his care for patients. Composing a good essay that stands out from others is indeed critical but not impossible. The right approach, consistency, and a good mindset can help you compose an excellent essay. The tips and tricks discussed can help you transform an average-looking essay into a proficient and appealing nursing essay. Just always keep in mind to be authentic and try to emphasize your audience through your writing language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fully comprehending the essay prompt and carrying out extensive investigation, can help you compose a good essay. Put your ideas in order with a clear introduction, arguments supported by evidence in the body paragraphs, and a succinct conclusion.
Of course, with the advancement of technology, everything we need is present on our one hand. You can easily take guidance from online websites. Paid sites have more access to information, however, unpaid are also good enough for those who can’t afford them.
Normally a basic nursing essay can have a 1500 or 2000 word count, not more than that. The topics that are easy to comprehend can be covered in fewer words, while complex topics require more words i.e. 2000 words.
The hardest part of a nursing essay according to me is an introduction and after that main body. Writing a compelling opening paragraph is quite challenging as this is the first impression for the reader. Secondly, transforming medical terms into ordinary language is quite a difficult task.

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