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50 Midwifery
Dissertation Topics For Nursing Scholars

Midwifery; a healthcare profession! It mainly revolves around the provision of care to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Midwives are professionally trained nurses who are meant to look after women during these three most delicate stages. This discipline covers a broad range of topics varying from anatomy to antenatal care, from pharmacology to emergency management, and from labour techniques to collaborative care.

Students of this discipline are assigned to conduct research on different examples of research topics in midwifery. This research conduction not only plays a significant role in student’s academic life but also contributes meaningfully to the field; if effective topics have been selected. The following post provides a list of such updated topics that will prove to be valuable in both ways.

Characteristics of Compelling Midwifery Research Topics

The topic of a dissertation project cannot be created randomly. A student has to brainstorm different midwifery dissertation ideas while integrating the following characteristics for effective title formulation at the same time;

  • A Well-Structured Title: It is the balance of the main topic, the focus of the topic, and the direction towards the methodology of the research.
  • The Right Tone: The tone of the midwifery thesis topics must be inquisitive rather than creative.
  • The Clarity of Language: Avoid the usage of jargon of words in the title.
  • The Integration of Core Objective: The title must be directly linked to the core objective of the research paper.
  • Influence of Academic Guidelines: The title format, length, and style must match the given academic guidelines.

Your Selection; 50 Best Midwifery Dissertation Topics

Having to go through all the research papers and then incorporating all the essential elements just for topic execution is a lot of work.  We are here to help you with some of the best and current research topics in midwifery for your research projects.

Online Nursing Essay Help” has come up with some exclusively designed midwifery research proposal topics. You can pick any one topic as per your academic guidelines and area of interest. So; get ready to make your decision now.

  1. A Systematic Review of Enhanced Maternal Safety in Indonesia.
  2. Paediatric and Obstetric Home Interventions for the Medicare Population.
  3. A Qualitative Survey about How Nurses and Midwives Manage Hypoglycaemia in Healthy-term Newborns.
  4. A Comprehensive Overview of the Experiences of Health Workers in Acute Hospital Settings with Teamwork Education.
  5. An In-depth Analysis of the Experiences of Midwives and Nurses Working Together to Offer Childbirth Care.
  6. Midwives’ Treatment of Postpartum Depression; a Detailed Study.
  7. Exploring the Underlying Mechanisms of Miscarriages in War-Stricken Countries.
  8. Trends Involving Males Who Work as Midwives; a Systematic Review.
  9. Analysing the Differences between Pregnant Women’s Expectations and Birthing Experiences?
  10. What Dangers Lurk in In-home Abortions? A Comprehensive Overview.
  11. A Detailed Overview of why does Umbilical Cord Hernias Occur?
  12. What Part Do Infections Play in Miscarriages? A Qualitative Research.
  13. Techniques for Promoting a Normal Birth during the Second Stage of Labour.
  14. A Comprehensive Overview on the Management of Perinatal Depression.
  15. Examining the Perinatal Treatment for Disabled Women.
  16. Obese Women are Still Able to Give Birth; A Comprehensive Study.
  17. Understanding the Role of General Paediatrician and the Focus on Child Care Growth.
  18. Analysing the Ways to Hold Safe Childbirth by Adopting Preventive Measures.
  19. A Practical Review of Analysing the Women Workforce Laws during Pregnancy.
  20. How Male Counterparts Support Midwifery in the Arab World? A Detailed Study.
  21. The Impact of Midwife-Led Care on Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes.
  22. Exploring Cultural Competence in Midwifery Practice while Highlighting the Challenges and Strategies.
  23. The Role Played by Midwives in Reducing Disparities in Maternal Health Outcomes.
  24. Integrating Psychosocial Support into Midwifery Care while Addressing Mental Health Needs in Pregnancy.
  25. Barriers to Accessing Midwifery Care: A Qualitative Study among Underserved Communities.
  26. Midwifery-led Models for Home Birth: Safety, Satisfaction, and the Potential Outcomes.
  27. Understanding the Impact of Post-Pandemic on Midwifery Practice: Lessons Learned and Future Implications.
  28. Exploring the Role of Midwives in Promoting Breastfeeding Initiation and Duration among New Mothers.
  29. Ethical Dilemmas in Midwifery Practice: Balancing Autonomy and Beneficence.
  30. The Effectiveness of Midwifery-led Group Antenatal Care: A Systematic Review.
  31. The Adverse Causes of Recurrent Miscarriage; a Detailed Study.
  32. Analysing the Cultural Perspective on Male Midwives.
  33. How practical are the WHO Perinatal Recommendations? A Comprehensive Study.
  34. Role of DNA Testing in Diagnosing a Child’s Hereditary Condition.
  35. Examining the Surgical Success in Treating an Umbilical Hernia.
  36. Assessing the Perinatal Treatment Options for Disabled Women.
  37. Highlighting the Differences between Pregnant Women’s Expectations and Birthing Experiences.
  38. Midwife Experiences with Asylum Seekers’ Maternity Care.
  39. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and IPV Relationships; A Qualitative Study.
  40. Increasing Normalcy with Midwifery Care: Aquatic Births.
  41. Antidepressants and Postnatal Depression; a Systematic Review.
  42. Exploring the Impact of Trauma-Informed Care in Midwifery Practice.
  43. Midwifery Continuity of Care Models: Enhancing Patient Satisfaction and Continuity of Support.
  44. Utilising Tele-health in Midwifery Practice: Opportunities and Best Practices.
  45. The Role of Midwives in Promoting Reproductive Justice: Addressing Socioeconomic and Structural Barriers to Care.
  46. Exploring the Impact of Midwifery-led Water Births on Maternal Satisfaction and Birth Outcomes.
  47. Addressing Perinatal Mental Health Needs by Integrating Screening and Support into Midwifery Practice.
  48. Highlighting the Role of Midwives in Promoting Maternal Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles during Pregnancy.
  49. Midwifery Care for Adolescent Mothers with Challenges and Best Practices.
  50. Integrating Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Midwifery Practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It is essential to pick updated midwifery dissertation topics as they are more relevant and significant to the respective area of study.
Yes! You can convert your midwifery dissertation topic into your research question. This is because the core objective of the dissertation project is directly linked with the dissertation topic.
The feasibility of the midwifery dissertation topic can be assessed by going through the available credible resources and data in the relative area of study.

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