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50 Paediatrics Dissertation Topics’ List

Paediatrics is the branch of medicine that is focused on the well-being of infants, children, and young adults. The age limit of children can range up to 18 in the UK. It involves the diagnosis of different medical conditions and their potential treatments according to the age limit. A broad spectrum of areas is covered within this field varying from chronic disease management in children to neonatology and from adolescent medicine to child psychology.

All these areas of paediatrics have to be studied in-depth by the scholars specialising in this discipline. Students have to conduct research on different research topics for paediatrics that contribute significantly to their academics. The following post brings some exclusive paediatrics topics for students.

Dos and Don’ts of Creating Paediatrics Research Topics:

While creating dissertation topics for paediatrics; different factors have to be considered. There are many such elements that must be incorporated and many such elements that must be avoided while creating paediatrics research topics. These elements are;

  • Do conduct research to identify gaps and emerging trends.
  • Don’t pick or create paediatric research topics that are too broad and or vague.
  • Do aim for originality while creating paediatrics research topics.
  • Don’t create topics that are so narrow that it will limit your research scope.
  • Do pick such paediatric research topic that is feasible enough as per the scope of resources, time limit, and access to data is concerned.
  • Don’t create topics purely based on your personal biases or opinions.

Get Ready To Pick the Best Paediatrics Dissertation Topics From The List of 50:

Creating new paediatrics dissertation topics is a lot of struggle for students as each element has to be considered while executing them. This is why; we have brought with us a complete list of research topics in paediatrics that can help students design their dissertation projects accordingly.

“Online Nursing Essay Help” is a brand that aims to ease the academic load of students by customising original paediatrics dissertation topics for them. So; grab the opportunity now and pick the title of your choice.

  1. Impact of Hypothermia Alert Device and Wrap in Low Birth Weight Babies.
  2. Comparison of Continuous Kangaroo Mother Care Initiated after Birth and Conventional Care on Newborns.
  3. The Effectiveness of Sucrosomial Iron in Oral Formulation in Children between 6 Months to 59 Months; A Comprehensive Overview.
  4. Analysing the Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Outcomes in a Tertiary Care Hospital.
  5. Comparing Efficiency of Ferrous Sulphate and Ferrous Ascorbate in Treatment of Iron Deficiency in Children Aged 1-18 Years.
  6. Exploring the Effects of Abdominal Massaging on Progression to Full Oral Feeds in Preterm Infants.
  7. Studying the Prevalence of Ambulatory Hypertension in Children with Chronic Kidney Diseases.
  8. Exploring the Impact of Parental Education Levels on Paediatric Vaccination Rates: A Community-Based Study.
  9. Utilising Telemedicine to Improve Access to Paediatric Care in Underserved Rural Areas.
  10. Examining the Relationship between Childhood Obesity and Socioeconomic Status.
  11. The Impact of Early Childhood Nutrition in Preventing Developmental Delays: A Longitudinal Study.
  12. The Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Reducing Anxiety and Stress in Paediatric Patients.
  13. Investigating the Long-Term Neuro-developmental Outcomes of Premature Infants: A Comparative Analysis.
  14. Exploring Cultural Factors Influencing Parental Decision-Making Regarding Paediatric Mental Health Treatment.
  15. Addressing Variations in Paediatric Asthma Management: A Broad Approach.
  16. The Impact of Digital Media on Child Development: Implications for Paediatric Practice.
  17. Assessing Paediatric Palliative Care Programmes’ Effectiveness in Increasing Children’s Quality of Life.
  18. A Detailed Study on Prevalence of Hypovitaminosis D in Exclusive Breastfed Babies.
  19. Evaluating Faine’s Criteria and IGM ELISA in the diagnosis; A Qualitative Research.
  20. Clinical Profile and Risk Factors for Severity plus Mortality in Acute Bronchiolitis in Children Less than 2 Years of Age.
  21. The Comparison of Three Methods of Gradual Weaning from Mechanical Ventilators.
  22. Oral Iron Therapy in Childhood Nutritional Anaemia and Factors Affecting the Outcomes.
  23. Predictors of Mortality among Hospitalised Children Aged 2 to More than 60 Months with Severe Pneumonia.
  24. A Comprehensive Overview on Various Offences and Risk Factors for Juvenile Delinquency.
  25. The Impact of Hereditary Propensity, Environmental Factors and the Possible Phenotypic Association in Asthma.
  26. Profile of Children Ventilated in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit of a Tertiary Care; a Qualitative Research Study.
  27. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Early Diagnosis and Intervention in Paediatric Healthcare.
  28. Exploring the Role of Gut Microbiota in Paediatric Immune Development and Disease.
  29. Incorporating Virtual Reality Technology in Paediatric Pain Management: Current Trends with Future Directions.
  30. Understanding the Role of Environmental Exposures on Paediatric Health Outcomes.
  31. Exploring the Influence of Social Media on Adolescent Health Behaviours and Mental Well-being.
  32. Examining the Effects of Prenatal Exposures to Air Pollution on Paediatric Respiratory Health.
  33. Utilising Wearable Technology for Remote Monitoring and Management of Paediatric Chronic Conditions.
  34. Addressing Mental Health Disparities in Paediatric Populations.
  35. Exploring the Intersection of Genetics and Paediatrics: Implications for Precision Medicine Approaches.
  36. Investigating the Impact of Sleep Disruptions on Paediatric Cognitive Function and Academic Performance.
  37. Etiological Profile of Fever of Unknown Origin in Children between 1 month to 12 Years Admitted in an Urban Referral Centre.
  38. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Integrative Medicine Approaches in Paediatric Pain and Symptom Management.
  39. Understanding the Influence of Socioeconomic Factors on Paediatric Nutritional Status and Food Insecurity.
  40. Examining the Role of Early Intervention Programs in Improving Developmental Outcomes for High-Risk Paediatric Populations.
  41. Exploring the Psychosocial Impact of Chronic Illness on Paediatric Patients and their Families.
  42. Investigating the Use of Mobile Health Applications for Paediatric Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.
  43. Hospital-Based Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition Children at a Tertiary Hospital in Palestine.
  44. Clinical Predictors of Pneumonia among Children up to 12 Years of Age with Wheezing.
  45. Clinical Profile and Outcome of New Born Babies with Retinopathy of Prematurity in a Tertiary Care Centre.
  46. Prevalence of Pre-diabetes in Urban School Going Adolescents Aged 11-17 years with High Risk Factors.
  47. The Efficacy of 3% Hypertonic Saline Nebulisation in Children Hospitalised with Moderate Bronchiolitis.
  48. Etiology; the Outcome and Risk Factors for Complication of Empyema Thoracis in Children Aged 1 month – 12 years.
  49. Nutritional Status and Prevalence of Anaemia in Rural Adolescents; a Detailed Study.
  50. Risk Factors for Complications and Death among Children Less than 12 Years with Scorpion Sting in an Urban Referral Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Your main objective of the research project must be framed according to the selected paediatric dissertation topic. The topic is indeed a reflection of the core objective of the research project.
You can pick any based on the objectives of your research and the resources at hand. A narrow topic allows more concentrated research while a broad paediatric dissertation topic allows for a more thorough investigation.
You can be ethically considerate while selecting a paediatric research topic by ensuring that you are respecting the rights of the patients and their families during the research conduction.

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